What is a Kids' Test Kitchen Party?

  • All hands-on deck!

    Guests will explore new or familiar whole, fresh foods in their raw, unmanipulated state. Then, working as a team, we’ll slice, dice, peel, measure, and cook until we’ve prepared the finished dish.

  • And then we eat!

    Partiers will have a variety of foods to choose from - each of them nourishing and prepared by them!

  • Favors

    In addition to receiving a printed recipe card for the dish they prepared together. Each guest will receive a $20 gift code towards the purchase of a Kids' Test Kitchen class via Zoom!

Kids' Test Kitchen would be honored to be a part of your celebration!

Select from our menu of seasonal, kid-tested-and-approved recipes. 

Your KTK Party Facilitator will guide guests through the preparation of the chosen dish, as well as the preparation and design of a beautiful fruit & veggie charcuterie board for their own consumption and for sharing with other guests!

Base price is appropriate for groups up to 12 and includes everything! 

You can expect Kids' Test Kitchen to keep the kids active for about 90 minutes. 


*Tips for exceptional service encouraged.

Kids' Test Kitchen has got it covered! We:

  • Come to you!

  • Provide all food ingredients.

  • Provide all necessary equipment.

  • Accommodate dietary restrictions.

  • Provide enthusiastic instruction.

  • Keep 'em engaged for ~90 minutes!

  • Clean up!

  • Guest of honor receives a $30 Gift Code toward a KTK Zoom class!

  • Guests receive $20 Gift Code toward a KTK Zoom class!

What you get:

  • Main entrée for guests, prepared by guests!

  • Fruit & Veggie Charcuterie Board - prepared and assembled by guests.

  • Guest of honor: $30 Gift Code toward Kids' Test Kitchen Zoom class

  • Each guest: $20 Gift Code toward Kids' Test Kitchen Zoom class

  • Printed recipe cards featuring the selected entrée.

What we need from you:

  • Adequate table space for the number of guests.

  • Close access to electricity.

  • Advance notification of any required dietary modifications.

Nourishing Nachos & Wholey Moley Guacamole


  • Lentils, black beans, salsa, and chicken combine with mexican seasonings to create a highly satisfying, extremely nourishing topping for tortilla chips. Served with diced bell peppers, shredded cheese, and perhaps a dolop of sour cream and a scoop of our Wholey Moley Guacamole!

  • Lentils are a highly sustainable crop free from genetic modification. They are super affordable, mild in flavor, and valuable source of protein and iron!

Crepes: Sweet & Savory


  • The focus is protein here! Protein and versatility. Partiers will work together to mix up and cook crepes from scratch. Fillings, all prepared by guests, will include our easy vanilla ricotta cream, berries, sliced turkey, cheese, and steamed seasonal green veggie.

  • Oh, so yummy, crepes boast higher protein content than the average pancake, wrap, or bread, and their versatility makes them a family favorite for almost any meal.

Atypical Tacos


  • Cauliflower, button mushrooms, and a blend of seasonings come together to create a delicious, meatless taco filling that kids go crazy for!

  • Cauliflower power! Seriously. Studies suggest that eating cauliflower just once a week benefits our blood and circulatory system, our digestive system, and improves our ability to fight off illness and prevent disease!

Skillet Pizza with Veggies!


  • Whole grain pizza dough, pulled and shaped by guests to create pizzas - stove-top style! Then they'll sauce 'em up and top with their choice of phytonutrient rich veggies! Toppings include arugula, bell peppers, mushroom, spinach, tomato, onion, pineapple, and more. ALL prepped by partiers. OF course, there is also cheese - I mean - you've gotta have some nourishing fat to round out the meal!

  • Whole grain – any grain that hasn’t been stripped of its most nourishing components. Whole grains provide your body with a little more of the good stuff it needs; fiber, protein, and iron to name a few. Whole grains, when chosen over refined, white versions, may help you live healthier, and longer! And of course, no meal is truly balanced without a healthy dose of veggies, so get creative and pile on the power when you make your stove-top pizza!


Kids' Test Kitchen is good for the whole family.

Robert S.


Both my kids have done it three times. Enough said. They absolutely love it!!


age 11

This class is the most EPIC!

Michael S.


Amazing, absolutely amazing! Our son is enthralled by the class and after every one he can't stop talking about it. Each time, he has wanted to go directly to the market to get the ingredients to make whatever they did in class. Cannot say enough good things about this program and the instructor!

Stephanie G.


My daughter LOVED Kids' Test Kitchen! It's a really valuable, confidence-building experience for a young person to create something themselves and quickly see the product of their work. Plus, as a parent and youth development professional, I appreciated how interdisciplinary and holistic it was. Great job!


age 10

I could totally live on these things! (artichokes)


age 9

I'd never eat this if it was just put down in front of me. 

Jodi B.


My son loves KTK!! He enjoys cooking and the classes are really fun. He’s learning a lot and is trying new things. I’m so glad we signed up for this!