Hands-on, live-guided, nutrition and cooking classes for kids!

We use Zoom to bring our lessons to your kitchen.

We're on a mission to get young eaters cooking, tasting, and thinking about healthy ingredients! Let’s continue to redefine kid food, one dish at a time!

You may have seen Kids' Test Kitchen offered in-person by schools or your local recreation department. In-person classes are our classic model, where we work to expose students to powerful, nourishing foods through the hands-on experience and practice of cooking. The pandemic caused the creation of our virtual model, and we are having a blast! 

Kids' Test Kitchen via Zoom provides us the opportunity to reach students of ALL ages and abilities, and from all corners of the country! 

Parents rave that the family:

  • is learning to be more open to new foods, or different preparations of familiar foods.
  • gaining confidence in the kitchen, navigating with skill and safety.
  • is eating more vegetables.
  • trying recipes they may not have tried on their own.
  • enjoys the role reversal - one night a week the kids cook dinner!


A thoughtful, flexible gift that inspires confidence, self-sufficiency, and ultimately brings the family together!

  • $89.00

    $89.00GIFT CODES:

    Our 6-week sessions meet weekly (live, via Zoom), for as long as it takes to complete that week's lesson, typically 60 minutes. Upon registering for the class of their choosing, recipients will gain access to the planned ingredient lists, recipe cards, zoom info . . . everything they need to smoothly join and prepare for class.
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  • $60.00

    $60.00GIFT CODE: Give a 4-week session!

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  • $30.00

    $30.00GIFT CODE: Give $30!

    Can be used for registration in one of our 2-hour dinner and dessert events, or $30 off of the purchase of a multiple week session.
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Purchase a gift code, allowing your recipient to select the class schedule that will work best for them!


We've made an effort to help you present this Gift Code in an attractive manner. The email you'll receive is formatted in such a way that it could be printed and used as an insert in a card. We've also include a PDF that describes our services, as well as one of our recipes - all immediately available after purchase.

  • Purchase Gift Code.

  • On the page that follows purchase, click "START LEARNING."

  • Receive an email from us. This email includes the Gift Code.

  • Print.

  • Give!


  • Does the Gift Code expire?

    Our Gift Codes do not expire. They are single use. If you apply the Gift Code to the purchase of a session and then find that you are unable to attend that session, just let us know at least 24 hours before the start date. We'll unenroll you from the session and provide you with a new Gift Code.

  • What ages do you serve?

    Our classes are meant for kids of all ages. Younger students will likely require the assistance of a sous-chef.

  • Do I need to purchase the class for each sibling?

    Absolutely not! Our fee is meant to be enjoyed by the household.

  • What types of recipes do you make?

    Our lessons focus on whole, fresh ingredients. Recipes are affordable and created with busy families in mind. We hope participants will find some favorites that they can easily incorporate into their repertoire!


Kids' Test Kitchen is good for the whole family.

Robert S.


Both my kids have done it three times. Enough said. They absolutely love it!!


age 11

This class is the most EPIC!

Michael S.


Amazing, absolutely amazing! Our son is enthralled by the class and after every one he can't stop talking about it. Each time, he has wanted to go directly to the market to get the ingredients to make whatever they did in class. Cannot say enough good things about this program and the instructor!

Stephanie G.


My daughter LOVED Kids' Test Kitchen! It's a really valuable, confidence-building experience for a young person to create something themselves and quickly see the product of their work. Plus, as a parent and youth development professional, I appreciated how interdisciplinary and holistic it was. Great job!


age 10

I could totally live on these things! (artichokes)


age 9

I'd never eat this if it was just put down in front of me. 

Jodi B.


My son loves KTK!! He enjoys cooking and the classes are really fun. He’s learning a lot and is trying new things. I’m so glad we signed up for this!