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Space is limited to 12 households.

Kids' Test Kitchen has got you covered:

Participants have our undivided attention as we explore new or familiar foods in their raw, unmanipulated state. Then we’ll work together, virtually, to slice, dice, peel, measure, and cook until we have each prepared the finished dish. That’s when the party begins – sit around and chat while you enjoy the dishes you’ve created together!


Food preparation can be adapted to suit all ages. We hope you’ll find that the dish we create will become part of your repertoire. With that in mind our lessons focus on recipes that are both nourishing and can be delegated to kids, or prepared by an exhausted adult after a long day of work without much stress.

All ages are welcome – we find that students grade 3 and up are able to follow along independently, however, the younger students can be some of our most enthusiastic participants, and with a little help from an adult, (aka sous-chef), are able to be just as successful in the kitchen.

How it works:

After enrolling, the course player will allow access to the shopping lists and pre-class suggestions for each week of classes.

Zoom launches right from the course player - so no need to hunt for links at the last minute!

On the Menu:

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    6 Tuesdays 10/6 - 11/10 4:00 pm EST

    • Fancy Pears!

    • Greens 'n Things

    • Tabbouleh, Tabbouli, Tabouli!

    • Summer Skillet Enchilada

    • Snappy Veggie lo Mein

    • Banana cookie "ice cream"